Specializing in Gray, Ductile, Malleable and High Silicon Moly Castings

Casting Techniques Corporation utilizes gray iron, ductile iron, high silicon moly castings and malleable iron castings for wide variety of industrial and OEM parts and equipmentWe have successfully managed ductile, gray iron, malleable and high silicon moly casting projects that comply with necessary industry certifications, standards, testing and inspection, producing parts for applications ranging from railroad and pump to engine parts.

High Silicon Molybdenum is also referred to as SiMo Ductile Iron and High Silicon Moly. This material offers superior heat resisting characteristics. High Silicon Moly castings are typically the choice of engineers for such applications as turbochargers, manifold castings and any high temperature application where resistance to service temperatures of up to 1500 degrees F. High Silicon Moly castings also offer good performance under thermal cycling conditions.

Enhanced heat resisting properties of High Silicon Moly castings are achieved by adding varying degrees of Silicon and Molybdenum while carefully controlling carbon levels.

If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to steel, consider Malleable cast iron.  The material is formed when cast iron is heated to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, and then left to cool very slowly.  This iron alloy typically contains 2-4% carbon.  Malleable cast iron has a range of features, such as strength, high resistance to wear and strong shock resistance, making it very useful for a variety of applications.

Whether you have prototypes to evaluate, short runs, or a high volume production, our expertise will help you maximize efficiency and minimize cost.  If you’re looking for a turnkey provider for your no-bake or green sand casting project, we offer machining and heat treating.

Our quality foundries serve customers throughout New York, New England, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  We’ve cultivated long-term relationships with our customers for over 46 years because of a commitment to excellent service and our willingness to “go the extra mile”.  Personalized, responsive service is Casting Techniques trademark, and we look forward to helping you.

Molding Capabilities are:

  • Disamatics
  • Sintos
  • Hunters
  • B & P’s
  • Squeezer and No-Bake


  • Gray Iron-All Grades
  • Ductile Iron- All Grades
  • High Silicon Moly Ductile Iron
  • Malleable Iron


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