Bronze and Aluminum Sand Casting

aluminum sand casting, die casting, green, no-bake casting

Bronze, brass, zinc and aluminum sand casting is the preferred solution for many manufactured components.  Sand casting is designed to reduce the potential for tearing, cracking, or other flaws by allowing a moderate degree of flexibility and shrinkage during the cooling phase of the process. The sand can also be strengthened with the addition of clay, which helps the particles bond more closely. Many automotive products, such as engine blocks and housings, are manufactured through aluminum sand casting. Its main advantages as a casting process include:

  • Relatively inexpensive production costs, especially in low-volume runs.
  • The ability to fabricate large components.
  • A capacity for casting both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • A low cost for post-casting tooling.

We meet and exceed industry standards, creating durable parts with superior surface finishes.   Utilize our value-added services such as heat-treating, machining and specialty finishes for a true one-stop non-ferrous casting solution.

Our capabilities include:

  • Highly-cored aluminum no-bake castings up to 750 lbs.
  • Brass, bronze & copper castings up to 1,000 lbs.


  • Aluminum- 356, 319, 535, 713 & 771
  • A wide variety of brass and bronze alloys
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Electrolytic Copper
  • No-lead alloys



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